2020 Late Model Debut Plus All Classes + COVID plan

Jul 28, 2020

It's long overdue, the full-body freaks of speed, the Late Models, return to I-96 Speedway!

Full Regular Show! Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and Mini Wedges are in action.

1500 tickets - 100 per section max

No children under age 6 due to the current agreement with Ionia County.

12x12 Coolers allowed - No Glass - Beer OK

All patrons must wear a mask or face shield in common areas

All patrons must wear a mask or face shield while seated in the grandstand if less than 6 feet from another group except for eating or drinking a beverage.

No spectators allowed into the pits

No pit crew members allowed into the grandstand area

Work area for all classes located in the infield behind the mini wedge track

Maximum 100 people at any time in the pit grandstand. Must wear mask if less than 6 feet away from another person or group. 

Failure to comply with the full list of coronavirus regulations posted here will be grounds for immediate removal with no refunds. We need your help to comply with the rules in order to remain open! Please be understanding of the current times, and help us stay open for the remainder of 2020. Thank you for your help and support of the speedway.

Our updated proposal with Ionia County is as follows:

  1. I-96 Speedway agrees to only use every other row in the grandstands to be able ensure proper social distancing at all times while racing events are on track.
    • Face coverings will be required to be worn unless an individual cannot wear one for medical reasons as required in EO 2020-153.
    • Temperature checks will be performed at the time of admission before ticket sales are conducted. Anyone with a temperature over 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit will not be admitted nor allowed to purchase a ticket.
    • Ticket sales will be offered through online sales to prevent as much face to face interaction as possible. A seating chart will be used to allow patrons to select available seating so they may sit together when they arrive together to the race track.
    • Remaining tickets will be sold via in-person sales with one window being used for cash transactions, one for credit transactions, and one window for online sales will call, social distancing and mask use will be enforced in any line. Windows will be open a maximum of three inches to function as a “splatter guard.”
    • Security staff will be positioned in each section to enforce social distancing and mask compliance.
    • Spectators will not be allowed into the competition area (pit area) at any time, before, during or after any racing events to limit in-person contact.
    • No children under 6 years of age will be admitted on premises.
    • Kid’s play area will be closed until further notice with a physical barrier to entry placed to prevent unauthorized entry.
    • Designated rows will be marked off with yellow tape or other hi-visibility tape to ensure people do not use those rows to ensure proper social distancing with 6 feet in all directions between patrons.
    • Masks required in common areas as social distancing might not be able to be maintained at all times.

2. Racing competitors have a 5-acre plot on the property with which to park, of which just under 2 acres of parking space are required to be able to function for weekly events.

    • Face coverings will be required to worn unless an individual cannot wear one for medical reasons as required in EO 2020-153.
    • Temperature checks will be performed at the time of admission before any sales are conducted. Anyone with a temperature over 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit will not be admitted.
    • Pit Pass sales will be available through online sales or through safeguarded in-person sales through one window at the track day of show. Please maintain 6 feet from other competitors while you are waiting in line to purchase your bands.
    • Competitors and their team members will be restricted to their pit area as much as operationally feasible for the duration of the event.
    • The pit area grandstand will be restricted to a maximum capacity of 100 people at any given time, with encouragement for many to return to the pit area of their team after each racing event on track to allow others to monitor their team.
    • A work area will be offered to teams for feature events only. This work area will allow other team members to monitor and work on their race cars if in the event work is needed on their vehicles. This area will be located behind the go cart track on the southern end of our infield area. Teams will be spaced a minimum of six feet apart with mask use required unless a situation arises where wearing a mask would be unsafe due to a fire hazard.
    • Competitors will be restricted to the competition area only for the duration of the event to allow for no cross-contamination between the spectator zone, and the competition zone.
    • Competitors will have access to separate bathroom facilities, away from patrons in the spectator zone.

3. I-96 Speedway will agree to modify its concession sales process to eliminate all indoor traffic in the concessions area.

    • I-96 Speedway will close its concession area to patrons and will take food orders and payments, to separate staff members and patrons at all times. Patrons will now order their takeout concession food outside.
    • Positions for waiting in line for concessions will be marked on the ground with orange or similar high-visibility colored cones, 6 feet apart, to enforce proper social distancing.
    • Restrooms will have limited capacity and be cleaned on a regular basis to limit surface transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.
    • Signage will be installed in the front of both the competition zone, and spectator zone along with placing signage within common outdoor gathering areas in both zones, to inform competitors and patrons about the policies and rules implemented to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

4. I-96 Speedway wishes to remain vigilant to fight against further spread of COVID-19 and will agree to cease all operations if a case of COVID-19 can be traced back to an event held at the speedway. In-person operation will not resume until county and township officials give the okay after deep cleaning and sanitation will be undertaken after an exposure event.