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Public Statement Regarding the Forced Closure of I-96 Speedway

Jun 18, 2020

I-96 Speedway is pursuing all legal recourse in regards to the unlawful, egregious overreach by Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel. Governor Whitmer’s executive orders are not lawful, ignoring the lack of an extension by the Michigan State Legislature, which their emergency declaration expired on April 30th. It is in our opinion that Governor Whitmer is in willful disregard of Act 390 of 1976. Her further executive orders are too vague in language, and that effectively prohibits operation of some businesses, while other “essential” businesses can remain open with more people allowed in their indoor establishment versus our outdoor establishment.  Furthermore, Governor Whitmer will not listen to small businesses who are willing to help design safe protocols for operation. We have been told that we don’t know how to design safe and effective protocols to combat the spread of COVID-19 and we disagree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. We wish to be good stewards for other outdoor entertainment businesses, however these executive orders force business owners to lose the ability to operate their business if they can’t operate within the arbitrary guidelines laid out by the Governor, and the Governor only. Governor Whitmer solely, is choosing winners and losers here, and that is too much power for one person to have and we will intend to take this fight as far we can.

We have no further comment at this time.